Volcán de Fuego Web Cams

Some useful links:
Background Information About Fuego
Michigan Tech
MTU Geo. Dept.
Seismic records from INSIVUMEH
Time Lapse Videos

OVFUEGO webcam (7 km southwest of summit)

FG12 webcam (6.3 km SE of summit)

FGL0 Las Lajas webcam

FG14 webcam

FGS0 webcam

Fuego is a stratovolcano in the Central American volcanic arc that erupts crystal-rich lavas of basalt to basaltic-andesite composition. It has been continuously active since 1999. Typical activity includes dozens of small-scale explosive eruptions each day.

Fuego is monitored by the Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Vulcanología, Meteorología e and Hidrología (INSIVUMEH). In addition to volcano observatories, INSIVUMEH maintains a network of seismograph stations near the active volcanoes. For the latest webicorder plots from INSIVUMEH, click here.

For the latest volcano activity status from INSIVUMEH, click here.

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