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Seismic records from INSIVUMEH
Latest Pacaya seismogram:
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San Vicente webcam (5 km northwest of Pacaya)
The camera is located in San Vicente Pacaya, Guatemala about 5 km northwest of the summit of Pacaya. The active Mackenney cone is in the center of the image. Day and night annotated images point out some of the commonly seen features. Typical activity includes outgassing from the summit, which is accompanied by near constant low-level seismicity. At night, the heat from vent often shows up as incandescent glow, especially in the infrared (IR). The Cerro Chino cone is between the Mackenney cone and the camera. It hosts numerous communications towers and lights from their operations are also visible at night. Note that all times are UTC (local time plus 6).

The camera is an Axis 1604E. It sends images every 20 seconds when the network is available. In low light conditions, the IR filter is not used so that wavelengths out to 1000 nm are captured and transmitted. Hot materials emit long wavelengths, so hot emissions dominate the scene.

The Mackenney cone represents the most recent of Pacaya's eruptive cones. The most recent activity of this complex is primarily basaltic. Pacaya is one of three active volcanoes in Guatemala. It has been continuously active since 1961.

Pacaya is commonly obscured by clouds in the afternoon and into the evening, but more likely to be clear late at night to mid day. During the rainy season (May-September), clouds are more likely.

This live webcam of Pacaya volcano is made possible through the financial support of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Geoscientists Without Borders and a partnership between Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Volcanoloía, Meteorología e Hidrología (INSIVUMEH), Parque Nacional de Volcan Pacaya y Laguna de Calderas, and Michigan Technological University

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