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Two similar cameras regularly capture images of Fuego volcano. The OVFGO images are acquired from the INSIVUMEH Fuego observatory in Panimache, 7 km southwest of the Fuego summit. The approximate field of view is indicated by the green lines in the figure below.

The camera is an Axis 1602E. It sends images every 10 seconds when the network is available. In low light conditions, the IR filter is not used so that wavelengths out to 1000 nm are captured and transmitted.

The La Reunion images are acquired from La Reunion Golf Resort and Residences, 7 km southeast of the Fuego summit. The approximate field of view of this camera is indicated by the pink lines above. The camera is an Axis 1614E. As with the OVFGO camera, images are sent every 10 seconds and near-IR images are acquired in low light.

Fuego is commonly obscured by clouds in the afternoon and into the evening, but more likely to be clear late at night to mid day. During the rainy season (April-September), clouds are more likely.

Both cameras were purchased with support of USAID through the USGS VDAP and installed by INSIVUMEH and Michigan Tech. The site is maintained by Michigan Tech and the cameras are maintained by INSIVUMEH. Please direct questions to Greg Waite.

This page is made possible through the support of the Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Volcanoloía, Meteorología e Hidrología (INSIVUMEH), the U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (USGS-VDAP), the U.S. National Science Foundation through Award EAR-1053794, and Michigan Technological University

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